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Practice Rhythmic Breathing

Since your body is governed by rhythms – your nervous system picks up the steady flow of air as a cue for safety and adjusts other bodily processes accordingly – you can use this to your advantage.

One way is via a common practice in yoga, in which we breathe in and out to a count. The aim is to find a comfortable length of the breath and, once it becomes easy, the rhythm can be slowed down. 


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Breathing And The Medical Practice

  • For a long time, most mainstream medical practitioners had no interest in breathwork, but that began to change in the 1950s. 
  • These days, athletes are also taking an interest in breathwork. In sports, it’s always an arms race. 
  • Athlet...


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Practice Nasal Breathing

  • Nasal breathing slows the incoming airflow, which has a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • The air is traveling slower and stays longer in the alveoli, where gas exchange happens. This gives oxygen more time to diffuse in the bloodstream, which can result in 10-20 per cent greater...


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Conscious Breathing

Every time we notice our breath or change our breathing pattern to achieve a specific outcome, we are practicing breathwork.

Today, breathwork is the new yoga. It can be found everywhere from therapy sessions to gym classes, but it’s far from new. Y...


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Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • It’s more relaxing and it makes the process of gas exchange more efficient. 
  • The oxidative stress caused by mental or physical exhaustion can be mitigated by diaphragmatic breathing. 
  • Diaphragmatic breathing helps to move the lymph (the fluid that flows through the lymphatic ...


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Breathing: The Cosmic Force

For many people, the breath is something much more than just the purely physical movement of air. It is often described as the energy, life force, cosmic essence, the vital principle that permeates reality on all levels including inanimate objects. Different cultures refer to...


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Breathing: Need To Know

Breathing: Need To Know

  • Respiration influences many of the processes in our body that have a direct impact on our physical and mental health. 
  • Each day, we take around 20,000 breaths.
  • With every inhalation, our heart rate speeds up, and with every exhalation, it slows down. 
  • The nervous syst...


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I love spicy foods and going to the gym.

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Deep breathing

  1. Sit or stand with your elbows slightly back. This allows your chest to expand more fully.
  2. Inhale deeply through your nose.
  3. Hold your breath as you count to 5.
  4. Release the air via a slow, deep exhale, throu...

Tactical breathing

Is a technique to use when you feel yourself having a fight-or-flight response. It involves all your breathing muscles–from chest to belly.

  • Place your right hand on your belly, pushing out with a big exhale. Then breathe in through your nostrils, slowly drawing the breath...

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