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When you get frustrated

  • Whenever you get frustrated that no one can understand you, Then first ask yourself, why I expect others to understand me. Everyone sees things from their level of perception. People see you from their point of view. No matter what you have told them or express them. So, It's better to understand that you can't force people to accept your point of view, If they are not willing to take up your point of view.

Urge for someone who understands you deeply.

We people always searching for someone who can understand us deeply without judging us, But have you ever ask yourself even though I can't find that type of person for myself when I needed. Why not I become the same person for other people.

Who knows, God wants you to become the one you are searching for. Being an understanding person requires a lot of strength in this world who just wants to know someone so that they can judge them. It requires a deep understanding, empathy from our side, especially in the case, when we come to contact with an ignorant person, difficult person, mean person.


  • Practising meditation, Its helps you to stop while you are on your way to react to people's stupidity. Understand that what you get after the reaction? They never get level up no matter what, They level up at their own pace, not from yours. They are their stage and you are on your stage so what is the point to react.

When you judge other

  • Whenever you start to judge some ask yourself, from how much time you have come to know about them in detail. Whether they share with you their deepest desire and inner wants and thinking. So, Who you are to judge them. No matter what, we just know about people's stories. We don't about their hidden feelings.

When someone expresses him/herself

  • Whenever someone expresses with you something. Listen to them carefully. Never interrupt them in between to share your experience. who knows, what is applied in your life also applies in their life too. Everyone has their path in life. Ask permission for them to share your point of view, But told them in advance that even though it applies to my life doesn't mean it has been also applying to you. So, now it's up to you to decide because you know yourself very well. Be assured that I will be there for you no matter what.

First, become the one you are searching for.

But to find the one you are searching for, you first have to become the same. Only then you can attract the one you are searching for. That's the real task which you have been to learn first. Before judging people ask yourself, whether you are the one who can understand someone deeply especially those who hurt you to the hell. Only then you can become a truly understanding person only after that you would start attracting the same people in your life. All of the first starts from ourselves first.

Read Books

  • Read Books about human Behaviour. How their mind works. Why some people behave the way they are and understand that it has nothing to do with you. that is why meditation is important. It helps us to calm down our emotions so that when people force their thinking. Books help us to understand deeply different types of personalities and how to deal with them.

Desire to let people understand us

We people always have a desire to let people know, what we are from deep inside without judging us. It's very tough for us to find that type of people in the world. One thing to note that, I said tough, not impossible. So, please never lose hope.

Empathy and Forgiveness

  • Deep empathy and forgiveness also very key elements for becoming an understanding person, Our emotions get hurts now it's our duty to let us understand how to forgive other immature people If we come to contact with them. It's not our duty to fix them if they don't want to fix themselves first.

Calm down your emotions

  • Never let your emotions take over your mindset. That is the most important factor in the process of becoming an understanding person. 

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