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The Red Carpet Steps

The Red Carpet Steps

This is the part of the festival that draws the most media attention.

For the organization, the Red Carpet represents the opportunity to give an initial and equal welcome to both the world's greatest film artists and to emerging talent.

It is also a chance to honour the creativity of those artists on whom the Festival's reputation depends.

The Mission of The Cannes Film Festival

The Mission of The Cannes Film Festival

Its founding purpose is to draw attention and raise the profile of films, with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema, boosting the film industry around the globe, and celebrating cinema at an international level.

The Official Selection

The Selection is balanced and representative of cinematography in terms of creativity and geography.

  • Films that are representative of"arthouse cinema with a wide audience" are presented in Competition, while Un Certain Regard focuses on the works that have an original aim and aesthetic (and are guaranteed to make a discreet but strong impact on screens around the world).
  • The Selection also includes Out of Competition films, Special Screenings and Midnight Screenings, the historically important films featured in Cannes Classics and the Cinéfondation selection of films submitted from film schools.

The International Dimension of The Cannes Film Festival

Every year, the Festival invites artists from all over the world of today and tomorrow, creating a map of cinema. There is international converage of the event in media.

The Festival also offers filmmaking countries the chance to showcase the richness of their cinema in Village Internationl, which hosts an increased number of countries every year.

Initiatives To Encourage Film Production

  • The members of the Selection Committee travel all around the world and scour film festivals to unearth the most promising directors and bring a fresh look at the Official Selection.
  • The Caméra d'Or is awarded to the best film presented either in the Selection, during Directors' Fortnight or the Semaine de la Critique, while the Cinéfondation presents film school work and organizes the Residence and the Workshop.
  • The development of "Cannes Short Films" is another step in this direction. 

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