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2. You only have to work a couple of hours

2. You only have to work a couple of hours

Freelancing along with being successful in life is all about prioritizing what’s important and learning how to be as efficient as possible.

The best way to become a success is by learning time management techniques. One of the big-time management tools is using time blocks in your calendar.

Eventually, you’ll get better at this and you’ll have some time on your hands that is ancillary — but it might only be two extra minutes.



5. You work whenever you want

Freelancing does allow for a flexible schedule. For example, If I want to work four days a week between 7 AM and 5 PM.

At the same time, you’re also at the mercy of your clients. If they need something completed by the end of the week then you need to work accordingly so that you can meet that deadline. This means if a friend texts you and asks if you want to go to lunch you will have to give them a rain check. Again, it all comes down to learning how to prioritize.



4. You make more money than at a traditional job

It’s no secret that the top freelancers charge top dollar. The thing is that they worked hard for that top-tier payment. One of the top myths of freelancing is you’ll make top dollar right off the bat.

Successful freelancers can charge higher rates because they’ve put in the time and effort. They have a portfolio and testimonials from clients who can back up how talented they are. They’re reliable and dependable as well. Over time, you’ll start landing those high-profile clients.



3. Not well dressed

Research shows that dressing smartly can make you feel more confident and self-empowered. Wearing professional attire can switch on that creative button.

If you want to perform better, then start wearing real clothes when you work. It’s also good to remember to look your best when you leave the house to meet with clients or attend networking events. You definitely want to dress for success and not show up like you just got out of bed.


1. You’re the boss

Do we have the traditional boss like Bill Lumbergh in Office Space asking for reports ASAP — or telling us that we have to come into work on Saturday? No we don’t. But, we do have to answer our clients. Since they’re paying us to do a job for them we do have to be available, communicative, meet deadlines, and follow their guidelines.

In order to be a successful freelancer and grow personally, you have to sometimes put your ego aside and actually listen to what others are saying.


8. It’s nothing like starting a “real” business

Finally, people tend to believe that becoming a freelancer is nothing like starting a “real” business. However, like any other business, you need a solid foundation. That solid foundation involves forming an LLC.

LLC can protect your assets if you’re ever sued and give your business credibility. An LLC also allows you to customize your tax benefits to best suit your needs. Best of all, setting up an LLC is easy, inexpensive, and there aren’t any location requirements.


Myths About Freelancing

There are a lot of myths about freelancing . A lot of this could prevent you from your personal growth.

There’s been a lot of trial and error over the years. There are decisions such as determining how much to charge clients and how to become self-motivated.

These tips will help to be successful and pursue your career as a freelancer.



6. You will love working from home

Working from home has its disadvantages. There are distractions like household chores, Netflix, and your friends and family. It can also get lonely and boring.

Instead of working at home all of the time I try to occasionally get out of the house. I go to a local coffee shop or co-working space. The environment makes me feel more productive, but there’s also plenty of opportunities to network.


7. You get to work only on the projects that interest you

Sometimes you’ll have to take on writing gigs that you’re not interested in. I mean I’ve had to write some pretty boring content during my career just to build my portfolio and experience.

Additionally, because you are your own CEO, accountant, salesperson, and project manager there are projects you need to work on that are outside your talents.

However, I’ve had to create and stick to a budget. That’s just a part of life. Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t like — but it will make you a more well-rounded individual.



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