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Why people have crab mentality

People can have crab mentality for various reasons, such as because they’re trying to feel better about themself, because they view other people’s progress as coming at their own expense, or because they see others displaying the same kind of mentality.

The main sign of crab mentality is that someone often tries to discourage or sabotage others, in cases where there are no direct benefits to doing so.

Crab mentality

Crab mentality

Crab mentality is a phenomenon where people react negatively, in terms of their thoughts, statements, or actions, to those who get ahead of them, even though they don’t expect there to be direct benefits to doing so.

For example, crab mentality can cause someone to discourage or sabotage their friend who is starting to do well at school, simply because they’re bitter about struggling with their own studies.

Crab mentality: Related concepts

  • The tall poppy syndrome, which describes a phenomenon where people disparage those who do well.
  • Schadenfreude, which is satisfaction that’s derived from someone else’s misfortune.
  • The mentality of “if I can’t have it, neither can you”.
  • Various idioms, such as “misery loves company”.

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