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Book suggestions for deepening your reading pleasure

  • Robert DiYanni's book You Are What You Read (2021) shows what productive reading looks and feels like when engaging with the minds and hearts of writers.
  • Martin Puchner's book The Written World (2017) describes how major literary works imprint the cultures they embody and influence the values of those cultures.
  • Alberto Manguel's book A Reader on Reading (2011) explains that, in a broad sense, the activity of reading defines us as people.

We become what we read

We become what we read

Literary works entertain us, teach us and influence us. When we read literary works, we enrich our understanding of others, the world, and ourselves. In a sense, we become what we read.

However, the ability to recognize how the author accomplishes these things will allow you to further deepen your appreciation and gain more benefits from literary works.

How to reap the benefits of reading literature

  • Pay close attention to the text from the beginning. It will prepare you to reflect, participate, and ask questions.   
  • Read and then read again. There are so many things that happen in literature that you cannot understand everything the first time you read it.   
  • Read slowly. Read more ambitions work slower. Take time to enjoy the way the author expresses his thoughts and reflect on what he tells you.   
  • Reading some parts of the text aloud will help you notice what you might miss when reading silently.

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