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Sleep Procrastination Might Be Stealing Precious Hours of Rest From You—Here’s How to Stop It

Sleep Procrastination Might Be Stealing Precious Hours of Rest From You—Here’s How to Stop It

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Ego Depletion And Discipline

Sleep procrastinators can be busy people who simply need some free time when they do nothing, and workaholics who wish to forego sleep and do something more productive.

Ego depletion is when we lack the willpower to resist doing something that is not good for us. We had been so responsible the whole day, and then we just let go in the evening, tired of holding back.

Sleep Procrastination

Sleep Procrastination

Though it sounds confusing, sleep procrastination is when we deliberately delay our sleep. It could be to catch another episode of the show we are watching, or scroll through social media, lying on the bed.

We could sleep if we want to, but choose not to and spend precious sleep time on something else instead.

It may seem like an innocent hour of doing nothing in particular, but it can add up and even cause chronic sleep deprivation in some cases.

Sleep Hygiene

  1. Do not work on the bed, as your mind will start to associate work with the bed.
  2. Do not stress about how you will handle the next day. Put the tasks on a to-do list and then relax.
  3. Track your energy levels and see the outcomes of being well-rested.
  4. Do not stay up late on weekends.
  5. If you still have trouble sleeping, talk to a professional.

Why We Don’t Sleep When We Can

Sleep is great for our immune system, reduces chronic health issues and keeps us in shape. 

We should be sleeping seven hours each night, but Netflix, Instagram and many other services hire talented people to ensure that we don’t sleep and keep using their products!

How To Stop Sleep Procrastination

  1. Set up a specific bedtime and stick to a consistent routine of sleeping within a certain time range, like 10 to 11 p.m.
  2. Understand what is keeping you awake and then take action to minimize it.
  3. Stop using screens and gadgets an hour before going to bed, signaling the brain that it has to sleep.
  4. Build a low-energy bedtime ritual like reading or meditating(not Netflix or Insta!) to relax the mind.
  5. Get some breaks from work during the day.

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