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Self-Care During a Crisis

Self-Care During a Crisis

cri·sis (noun): a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger: the current economic crisis | a family in crisis

When times are difficult, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. We sleep less and worry more.

While taking care of yourself feels like too much work right now, it's important that you make it a priority for your mental health.

Self-Care | Productive Downtime

Self-Care | Productive Downtime

Use the extra time to do things that you don’t normally have time for:

  • Deep clean your home and/or car
  • Organize & Declutter, room by room
  • Enjoy a new hobby, or a few
  • Teach yourself, and/or your children, something new
  • Introduce classic movies to your family
  • Play boardgames with your family
  • Take care of home improvement projects
  • Do yard work
  • Begin Meal Planning
  • Take an online course

Self-Care | Meditation

Self-Care | Meditation

Whether you're into guided mediation, prayer, or anything that allows you to connect with self, it's important that you don't neglect it. In times of difficulty, you need to connect with self more than ever.

Don't forget that meditation is for your soul, so if you neglect it, you're only doing yourself harm.

Meditation and prayer will give you a way to manifest peace, calm, and overall wellbeing.

Self-Care | Be Realistic

Self-Care | Be Realistic

Self care is admitting that you cannot do it all. You aren't perfect and you cannot make magic happen. Be realistic about your abilities and don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Also, be realistic about the crisis itself. Should you be worrying? Don't stress about anything that hasn't happened. Doing so, puts yourself through the situation twice.

Self-Care | Journaling

Self-Care | Journaling

Journaling is an incredible way to understand difficult feelings and situations within yourself. By writing down how you're feeling, you can open your mind up for a clearer way of thinking.

You may find it easier to make hard decisions, and maybe understand your emotions better. You’ll be able to communicate in a much more effective way.

Self-Care | Smile

Self-Care | Smile

When things are tough, it's easy to feel guilty for being happy. If someone is sick or suffering, even smiling can make you feel bad. Don't fall into this sabotaging thought process.

Give yourself permission to feel joy and happiness.

You're allowed to live your life, even if everything around you seems to be falling apart. By avoiding the positive things, you can lead yourself into negative thinking or depression.

Self-Care | Stay Active

Self-Care | Stay Active

Being active keeps your blood flowing and instantly relieves stress. During a crisis, it may be tempting to curl up in a ball and cry. Don't. Move around by going for walks, playing outside with your kids, or even cleaning the house.

It keeps the adrenaline going and can help distract your mind.

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