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Quick tips

  • When communicating, especially about important things, stick to the topic and try not to add too much unnecessary information since it might confuse the recipient.
  • Know the objective of the conversation and be clear about the message.
  • Don’t rush into conversations, take a few minutes to collect your thoughts and calm your mind and deliver the message in a straightforward way.
  • Keep in mind the type of people you are communicating with and frame your message according to it.
  • Make sure that the recipient has understood the message clearly.

Top Tips To Communicate

Top Tips To Communicate


Effective communication is really important for an organized life and it is far too important to ignore or leave to fate.

When you strengthen your communication skills you eliminate unnecessary rework and wasted time from misunderstandings.

Poor communication or bad communication skills will just make life harder for you. It will be the root cause for various misunderstandings, conflicts and confusions which can go on to affect your productivity as well as relationships.

During difficult times under communication can cause troublesome situations.

Quick Tips (For Introverts)

  • Challenge yourself and move out of your comfort zone.
  • Be the first to start a new conversation. Many people around you may feel the same way. So forget about your worries and reach out to new people.
  • Take a minute to think about the things you want to talk about. Have questions ready that will help you begin new conversations.
  • Once you start a new conversation, try to ask as many questions as possible and practice listening.
  • Try to relax and enjoy the conversation and don’t stress out too much.

Quick Tips (For Extroverts)

  • Ask questions and get feedback from people around you.
  • If you make mistakes, communicate with the people around you and try to understand where you went wrong.
  • Whenever a bad situation comes up, try not to point the blame at the other person/people.
  • During problematic situations, once you explain your point of view, take time to hear out the other person and try to understand the situation from their point of view as well.

Best Of The Best (For Top Communicators)

Make the effort to try and inspire others through your communication.

Try to spread important messages through your words and make a difference to the world around you.

Make conversations less about you and more about the people around you and the things that matter to you.

Instead of communicating about things that are negative and hateful, try communicating about kindness, truth, humanity or anything and everything else that you are passionate about.

Try to spread positivity through your words and through your influence.

Importance Of Listening

Listening is the other half of communication and is overlooked most of the time.

The true benefit of listening is not for the speaker but for the listener.

Being able to listen and understand to other people and their ideas and implementing those to our own is a very great trait to have.

Make effort to be a good listener. When you can listen to someone and understand them properly, you will be able to explain yourself better as well.

Most Common Mistakes

  • Communicating with everyone the same way. (Realise that different audiences require different communication styles.)
  • Less questions, more assumptions.
  • Less listening, more talking.
  • Small minded thoughts. (Try to keep an open mind for everyone’s opinions and views.)
  • Negative approach towards the conversation. (Using negative tones and words creates an emotional distance between you and the recipient.)

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