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Social Media And Consumption

  • According to a marketing report, social media amplifies conspicuous consumption.
  • To eradicate any buying friction, social media platforms work hard to minimize the number of clicks required to order something.

Taking advantage of various factors that make things go viral and compel people to share things, many TikTok and YouTube influencers have quickly amassed millions of followers and some are on the verge of becoming millionaires.



TikTok: Buy This Now!

TikTok is the home of many viral videos in which influencers and enthusiasts do a ‘show and tell’ of make-up related products and other oddities. The social media marketing strategy shows quick and tangible results, with the advertised products getting out of stock in minutes.

Products like apple juice, rollerblades and stuffed animals show a jump in demand just as the video gains popularity, resulting in manufacturers taking advantage of this phenomenon and using TikTok to market specially created products.


TikTok influencers who are not celebrities in the traditional sense, tend to have a refreshing honesty about the products and seem highly trustworthy to the viewers/consumers.

Word of mouth is considered the most effective strategy from a marketing perspective, and TikTok influencers create a believable advertising platform, previously unseen in any online or offline ecosystem.


  • Creators have a low barrier of entry with TikTok, needing only their phones to create compelling and fun videos.
  • The 1-minute limit ensures that people watch more TikTok videos in the shortest time possible.
  • TikTok lets users make virtual ‘duet’ videos together and encourages sharing of sounds and visuals, creating a ‘remix’ culture.
  • The recommendation engine of TikTok prioritizes extreme content.
  • The super-fast advice or product reviews have no room for any nuance or other details that may be important, resulting in misinformation.


  • The Chinese social media giant clocked 26 billion e-commerce transactions in just one year. 
  • The app, which is responsible for the career of thousands, has secretly guarded algorithms that identify what users like to see, pushing similar content, along with random gems.
  • The app also enjoys an almost exclusive user base of millennials, pre-teens and teens, who add their own quirks.


TikTok, with its brevity, intimacy and connecting capabilities, feels like a Facetime call with a friend who is excited about a purchase, becoming perfectly suited to build emotional connections that translate into sales.

While Youtube reviews work well if they are authentic and have a good connection with the audience, TikTok strips away the fluff and feels as intimate as hanging out with a close friend.


TikTok shows a video to a handful of test audiences in the For You section of their app, and if the engagement results are good, they take the video one notch up, showing it to a different set of audience.

In a matter of a few hours, videos that don’t make it are buried, and the ones that do well are shown to millions.



TikTok users often feel a sense of urgency and universality when they watch a viral video, getting the impression that everyone is using the suggested product or performing the activity.

The super-fast trends cycle has made many feel disillusioned with hyper-consumerism, as big brands still account for sponsoring 77 percent of creators.


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TikTok is a breakthrough social media platform with millions of mostly young users worldwide, who share short videos and funny clips with matching music. 

Lately, its popularity has skyrocketed, with artists like Khloe Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Britney Spears taking on to the platform. The Chinese App reached 1.5 billion downloads late last year and has caught the attention of brands around the world.


Tiktok: The Hottest New Kid On The Block

Although it’s one of the newest social media outlets, TikTok is now one of the most popular. This year alone, it has already surpassed Twitter in the number of active users and has completely changed the way we create and consume video content.

Creating videos on TikTok is easy. But more complex videos with better production and editing are going viral faster. Because of its sudden growth in popularity, businesses and entrepreneurs are utilizing the platform.



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On the study web, students can watch each other study, becoming study buddies on communities like Discord, Tiktok, Youtube and Reddit. It is the go-to place for their study resources and tips, along with social and moral support.