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This website gives important information on how to build your startup company and make it successful. Majority of its articles are related to entrepreneurship, tips on marketing and finance and news on small businesses. The most invigorating part about the website is the ‘Inspiration Station’ which consists of interviews or stories about the most successful leaders and pioneers in the industry, who have ample experience too. Reading this Section will inspire you to make your business a success and help it grow.

✦ Times of Startups

✦ Times of Startups

Founded in the year 2015 by Raunak Pathak, this website is the digital abode for all the latest news, stories and articles on topics related to business, finance as well as management. The website has separate sections dedicated to each of the subjects which makes it highly user friendly.

✦ Techcrunch

Founded by a company called Archimedes Venture which was led by the duo Michael Arrington and Keith Teare in the year 2005, this extremely famous American website frequently publishes items of news on technologies and articles based on analysis of the tech market.

Any latest news related to startup companies and emerging trends in the tech market can be easily found in this website which makes it a favourite among entrepreneurs.

✦ Entrepreneur

✦ Entrepreneur

Founded by the company Entrepreneur Media. Inc., primarily as a magazine in the year 1977, this California based magazine is one of the most popular ones among entrepreneurs. The website publishes news stories and articles to inspire entrepreneurs on a plethora of topics, whether it is related to giving the most appropriate name to your startup company or tips to build a perfect balance between your work life and personal life.

The Internet Today

The Internet Today

 is filled with hundreds of articles on how to run your business, with most of them being either impractical or irrelevant. Therefore, it is important that independent entrepreneurs depend on only trusted material which will help their business grow. You need to read good content from exceptional writers who have had real experience in the work field. This article lists the top 5 websites every entrepreneur should bookmark to make their startup company successful:

The website has gained recognition through its brilliant idea of developing a platform where startup companies can gather funds through angel investors and connect with them freely. The platform also allows you to apply for jobs in promising startup companies and search for newly launched products for your convenience and adoption purposes. This user-friendly website allows you to have a conversation with founders of such companies who wish to hire you without the involvement of any third party. The website also publishes blog articles on a variety of topics.

Once you start reading about the status of various other startup companies around the world, you will automatically be inspired to make your business a success and you may also find good tips on how to improve your business. The website is currently owned by Verizon Media.



Founded in the year 2010 by entrepreneur Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, through their company Venture Hacks, Inc., this website is mentioned in the Forbes List too. This website prioritizes the need to ease the process of gathering investments to help the startup owners to raise funds on the basis of their sheer talent and idea.

✦ Forbes Women

✦ Forbes Women

Founded in the year 1996 by David Churbuck, the company is famous for its published lists and rankings. However, Forbes Woman is a great platform if you wish to connect with other businesswomen or read about a plethora of insights on a variety of topics such as business, entrepreneurship, culture or lifestyle.

Another attractive part about the website is that it has a dedicated section for women entrepreneurs which consists of interviews from successful businesswomen all around the world and tips on how women can excel in male-dominated sectors and lead them. If you are a new entrepreneur looking for tips to build your startup company or know about the challenges and difficulties that lie ahead of you, then this website will be the best option for you. This relatively new blog website has already become a favourite among rising entrepreneurs, especially in India.

The website contains articles that will help you expand your business in many ways possible. The articles are mainly written by successful writers and businesswomen around the world. The stories behind the success of such women will inspire you and motivate you to do well in your business.

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