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World emoji day - July 17

World emoji day - July 17

Since 2014, World Emoji Day is celebrated every year on July 17.

Japanese artist, Shigetaka Kurita, created the first pixelated colour emoji in 1999. These little illustrations paved the way for different types of emoji that were later recognised by Unicode - an international computer encoding standard, enabling them to be enjoyed across different platforms.

The most popular emoji

Every day, 700 million emoji's are used in Facebook posts and 900 million emoji are sent without text on Facebook messenger.

  • The most popular emoji of all time the the 'Face with Tears of Joy' emoji. The crying-laughing face is the most popular emoji on Twitter.
  • The most 2020 emoji voted by Twitter users at the 2020 World Emoji Awards were the raised fist symbolising the Black Lives Matter movement and the Microbe emoji used to symbolise the Covi-19 pandemic.

How new emoji get picked

New updates to the range of emoji are decided by the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, which regularly reviews proposals from the public.

  • They see if the image will work at a small scale.
  • How well it expresses the symbol, mood, or item, it is designed to show.
  • How likely a multitude of people will use that emoji.

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