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1. Vocabulary Story

1. Vocabulary Story

Do you have a vocabulary list of English words you're learning? If you do, amazing! If you don't, get one from the internet.

This activity will assist you with comprehension and remember vocabulary words better for various reasons. Here are a few: 

• Using words in a sentence guarantees you understand how to use them.

• Writing things down activates a different part of your mind, helping you recollect vocabulary words even better.

3. Idiom Soup

3. Idiom Soup

An idiom is a saying that doesn't really mean what it says. For instance, "it's raining cats and dogs" doesn't mean creatures are truly tumbling from the sky (it just means it's raining very hard).


A cliché is an amazingly overused saying or expression that is utilized so frequently it's not original anymore.

Utilizing clichés and idioms will build your vocabulary and guarantee that when you hear them spoken by a local, you'll know precisely what they mean.

2. Picture story

2. Picture story

Snatch the closet magazine to you and pick a random picture. Depict it in as much detail as possible. Don't simply write what you see. Envision you're in the image. Consider what you would smell, feel, or even taste.

Through this activity, you'll learn more about adjectives, feelings, and recognitions (how we see and experience the world).

4. Story of my life

4. Story of my life

Consider something that you did previously, such as playing the piano or going to class. Write about your involvement in this movement. Your writing should begin before and end later on.

We love discussing ourselves. Everybody does! That is the reason a large part of our daily discussions is about us. In this activity, you figure out how to speak about personal experience and portray something about yourself. It's also a good method to work on using the right verb tenses.

How Writing Improves Your English Skills

How Writing Improves Your English Skills

Writing encourages you to learn English. This statement is backed by research. This investigation indicated that even short writing sessions can improve learning.

• Writing encourages you to recall things better

• Writing helps you practice new skills

• Writing lets you take the time to express yourself

• Writing allows you to try new things

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