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What is 'choking'?

What is 'choking'?

Despite months, even years, of practice, a person fails right when it matters most. Cause: Performance anxiety (performance under intense pressure) Common in sports, public speaking, also haunts contestants in spelling bee, musicians and so on.

And lastly

And lastly

Having an external focus on the ultimate goal works better than an internal focus (where someone is tuned into the mechanics of what they’re doing.)

A study of experienced golfers revealed that those who hit chip shots

while focused on the flight of the ball

performed significantly better than those who focused on the motion of their arms.

How can we avoid choking when it really counts? (Action plans)

How can we avoid choking when it really counts? (Action plans)

  • Practice under pressure (under stressful conditions)

In a study on expert dart players,

researchers found that those 

who hadn’t practiced under stress

performed worse when anxious,

compared to those who had 

become accustomed to pressure.

  • Having a pre performance routine

Like taking deep breaths, repeating a cue word, or doing rhythmic sequence of movements.

under pressure,
with focus,
and with that glorious end goal in sight,
makes perfect.


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