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The Clair Senses

The Clair Senses

There are four main ways our intuition communicates with us, known in the psychic world as the "four clairs":

  • clairaudience - hearing voices
  • clairvoyance - seeing images
  • clairsentience - recognizing feelings
  • claircognizance - knowing

While some may be drawn towards a specific one, we could all benefit from improving our intuition by exploring new methods.



The most common of the “four clairs.”

Clairsentient messages come through as a strong feeling.

Gut instincts, being able to sense other’s emotions, or feeling the energy of a room all fall under this category.

To develop this skill, write down your intuitions in a journal. Over time, you will easily recognize different clairsentient messages.



Clairaudient messages sound like a calm voice speaking in your mind. The tone is never harsh or tormenting. The messages are often short and straightforward.

To develop your skills and open your clairaudient potential, surround yourself with other intuitives or study and research intuition.



Clairvoyant messages can sometimes appear as an image or scene in your mind, usually as a metaphor.

Be mindful of the random images that pop into your head—they may be intuitive messages. Remember to be patient, over time your intuition may grow significantly.



Claircognizant messages happen when our brains sense a powerful instant connection to our intuition.

When you’re feeling troubled and your logical brain can’t find the answer, ask your intuition to give you the answer through claircognizance.

Your intuition is always listening and could have some amazing answers for you.

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