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How Self-Feedback Can Help

How Self-Feedback Can Help

  • Focus on improvement. If we are thinking about what we are doing well and/or want to improve, we are doing some internal prioritization.
  • Examine our motives and results. When we own our outcomes, we naturally begin to ask ourselves what we could have done differently or better.
  • Raise our curiosity. Giving feedback to ourselves can lead to us asking for feedback from others.
  • Build our confidence. Giveing yourself a pep-talk, is a useful form of self-feedback.

Taking Action

Taking Action

When you actively give yourself feedback and actively seek it from others as well, your performance, results, and confidence will grow, and who doesn’t want those things?

Journaling is a good way of keeping record of your feedback sessions and monitor progress.

You can also read more about self reflection.

The Art of giving  feedback to ourselves.

The Art of giving feedback to ourselves.

Self-Feedback requires no one but yourself. It is not meant to replace feedback you receive from others. The idea is to regularly review your progress and adjust your efforts and strategy on an ongoing basis.

Do not rely on self feedback exclusively.

Do not rely on self feedback exclusively.

  • Research shows humans aren’t very self-aware, so we aren’t always that accurate in our self-evaluation.
  • We can’t have a full view of the results of our behaviors – our perspective is necessarily limited.
  • We tend to see our actions through the lens of our intention, rather than the lens through which others see it.
  • We don't know what we don't know.

How to Use Self-Feedback

How to Use Self-Feedback

Here is a four-step process to help you do it.

  1. Ask yourself. What went well? What could I have improved? Which parts surprised me?
  2. Listen to yourself. For self-feedback to be helpful, it must be heard and valued.
  3. Try something. Now you can test what you have learned! Try something new, based on the new insights.
  4. Start over. Start with step one again. Doing this loop creates greater self-awareness, and most likely, improved performance and results.

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