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#1 Selfish

#1 Selfish

"I want more and as much as I can get" - it is self-sentered and all I want is for m self. I don't want to share and serving is not my focus.


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How To Start a Running Habit

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Proper running form

Tips for staying motivated

Importance of rest and recovery

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52 Simple Lessons That Will Make Your Life 1,000X Easier

52 Simple Lessons That Will Make Your Life 1,000X Easier

Most people don't get through life without a few lessons , and for me, having others share theirs is one of the most incredible gifts I can receive.

Even if I don't ...

What is selfish altruism?

What is selfish altruism?

Selfish altruism is a win/win situation.

It usually applies in these categories:

  • Transactions: buying cars, for example (you get your car, the dealer gets a bonus); doesn’t imply emotional bonds
  • Family: protecting people that share our genes
  • Statu...

Core Beliefs of Resilient People

Core Beliefs of Resilient People

  • "I master my emotions lest they master me." They step back from a situation before taking action.
  •  "I walk the talk and never just talk the walk.When they make a commitment, they fulfill it.
  •  "I can and do prepare myself for the future....

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