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3) 3 ways to tame your self critic (by Ronnie Grandell)

1) Try to understand the critic’s intent.

The critic inside you is like an angry sports coach. They want you to succeed and be the best version, but they have really poor execution style.

So, the best way to do learn the really intention of this critic is by looking behind the angry, rude, mean, hurtful things that your inner critic says, find the real reason for these words.

Is this inner voice trying to push you into being a better version of yourself? Or is it trying to keep you away from a hurtful situation? Or is it saying all of this just to hurt you? Try to figure it out!


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Say stop to your inner critic.

Say stop to your inner critic.

We all have an inner critic.

You can do this by creating a stop-word or stop-phrase.

  • As the critic says something – in your mind – shout: STOP!
  • Or No, no, no, we are not going there.

Then refocus your thought...

You can’t get rid of your inner critic

But it is in your power to develop a relationship with it.

Think of your inner critic as a part of you, not all of you. This gives you distance from it and keeps you from attacking yourself.

Quickly Acting On Your Ideas

Quickly Acting On Your Ideas

"A great idea is electrifying and exhilarating. It has energy but no matter how strong the idea, if you sit on it it get cold."

"The minute we lose momentum, we lose the thread. Our inner critic awakens"

"When it comes to execution, the key is to get moving - and keep moving.

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