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Poor‘s Mentality

Most of the people think that their wealth will increase with increase in their income.

However, they end up increase in expenditure along with increase in income.

In contrast, rich people have attitude of saving and investing which make them rich.


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The importance of living in the present moment

The illusion of control

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The wealthy

Most rich people do not flaunt their wealth: They don't live in high-class neighborhoods or drive expensive cars. They look like you and me.

The rich have a net worth of above $1 million. Most rich people got wealthy through a simple combination of earning an income,

The habit of investing more

Consistent investing is essential. Investing as a habit will pay off in the long run.

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Risk is a spectrum

  • The difference between investing or speculating, is not about what you buy, but why you buy—and that varies for people based on their financial goals.
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