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Habits and skills are interlinked

Habits are not stupefied and inflexible reactions to environmental triggers. To understand this, we need to see that it is not possible to make a clear-cut distinction between habit and skill.

  • Many of our skills consist of habits. For example, a sport skill is often just the process of pursuing a new motor habit through repetitive practice.
  • Habits often are made up of skills. For example, think of someone whistling when they are bored. Whistling is a skilful act.


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Habits are comprised of 3 main parts:

  • An environmental cue (that triggers your brain to initiate a habit);
  • behavioral response (the manifestation of the habit);
  • reward (that reinforces the habit).

Skills And Meta-Skills

Skills are temporary; meta-skills are permanent.

Learning a second language gives you a skill, a learned ability. A meta-skill, on the other hand, is your ability to learn new languages. Developing that meta-skill, makes it easier to learn a third or a fourth ton...

Learning = Habits

Learning = Habits

We know that learning is about knowledge, information, and skills; while habits are routines, behaviors, and actions. But the two are actually quite similar to each other.

Habit and learning have the same equation used when dealing with specific situations:

  • Habit: "When X hap...

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