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The power of the incubation period

For many years, scientists have found that amazing ideas, solutions to problems and obstacles often come to people when they aren’t actively trying to develop a solution.

The incubation period works because your brain gets to take a break from everything distracting you.


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Whenever I have a problem I just sing, then I realize my voice is worse than my problem

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The “Incubation Period” Mechanisms

  • Eliciting new knowledge: when you stop problem-solving, your brain keeps working on it in the background and may come across memories you may have ignored when you were actively trying to think about the problem.
  • Selective forgetting: an incubation period weakens the un...

Creativity: The Incubation Period

After a problem has been examined and analysed, creative thinkers often hit a roadblock, which is actually an ‘incubation period’ where the brain works in the background to process information at an unconscious level.

This results in an ‘aha’ or a ‘Eureka!’ moment when the solution or idea...

Theories on why eureka moments occur

Scientists found that memory cues and sleep can cause eureka moments. Researchers also agree that some period of incubation is often necessary before the eureka moment can happen. During the incubation period, your mind should roam freely, such as when showering ...

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