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The creative brain: three ways to cultivate your creative thinking

The creative brain: three ways to cultivate your creative thinking

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Creativity: What It Really Is

We wrongly assume that being creative means being an artist, writer or painter. Solving creative problems, inventing new technology, being better at communication, and saving time with innovative measures all come under creativity.

We were taught in school that creative people are right-brain thinkers and analytical, problem-solving minds were using the left side of the brain. The truth is not so simple, as creativity comes from both hemispheres.

The Trinity Of Creativity

The Trinity Of Creativity

To enhance the creativity we already experience every day, we need to tap into three aspects of our brains:

  1. Memory: Try to remember past events, using the tools of notes and journals.
  2. Imagination: Make use of creative visualization, brainstorming and mind-mapping abilities of your mind. Your imagination is your biggest superpower.
  3. Mind-wandering: Doing nothing is a type of meditation, and we have to let our mind wander while cooking, strolling in the park or taking a shower.

The Default Mode Network: A Key Brain Region

When we evoke our past or visualize our future, the default mode network region of the brain, which includes areas like the medial prefrontal cortex, are activated. This is usually when we are relaxed and are letting our minds wander.

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