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Mentorist/Book Summaries

All of these are for book summaries.

Mentorist gives you 5 book summaries a month, and 1 each day. Pay for more.

Book summaries has 28 book summaries. I know 28 are not much but quality wins over quantity. And it's free!


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A probably-normal human being.

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Write in a diary

... for 5 minutes a day.

At the end of each day, take a few minutes to write about what you worked on. Make sure to note both your “small wins” and any setbacks.

At the end of the month, flip back through your notes and see how far you’ve come. It’s amazing the clarity you get ...

Do Fractal Reading

Do Fractal Reading

The free metadata that books generate (i.e., author interviews, author presentations, book summaries, reviews, quotes, first and last chapters, etc.) is a condensed version of the book, like a fractal, and often just as valuable as the book itself.

This al...

Budgeting myths

  • Myth - I don't need to budget: A budget focus on identifying all the expenses that are likely to occur during the month, quarter, and year. A budget can identify costs that could be reduced or cut.
  • Myth - I'm not good at math: Budgeting software on...

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