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Discoveries from the Bookshelf

Discoveries from the Bookshelf

Searching for the perfect gift for a book lover, word lover, student, teacher, or writer? Serendipitous Discoveries from the Bookshelf was written and designed by a bibliophile for bibliophiles. It is a beautifully designed and eloquent homage to books, reading, and lifelong learning. The book presents over 100 thoughtful and witty essays filled with fascinating insights, inspiring passages from the world’s greatest writers, memorable quotes about books and reading, valuable life lessons, fascinating rare English words, and arcane literary facts. 



 Learn the answers to the following questions:

• What is the rarest book in American literature?

• What does the most amazing personal library in the world look like?

• What is the most wicked Freudian slip in a book?

• What are the original titles of some of the most famous books in literature?

• What are some rare words that book lovers would truly relish?

• What makes a great teacher or a great mentor?

• What is the most important life lesson?

• How can college help you live a good life?

• What is the name of the painting on the cover of the first edition of The Great Gatsby?


Alexander Atkins, founder of the popular blog Atkins Bookshelf, takes the reader on a captivating and inspiring guided tour — through the world of books, literature, words, phrases, wisdom, education, quotations, movies, music, and trivia — to share many serendipitous discoveries from years of book collecting, reading, and research. 


• What is one of the most inspirational Shakespearean sonnets that speaks to the modern reader?

• What are some clever words that were invented by authors?

• What are some well-known phrases that you have been misquoting for years?

• Which Founding Father vandalized Shakespeare’s writing chair?

• Which famous singer inspired Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech?

• What were the last words of famous writers?

• Which hit song was inspired by John Fowles’ literary masterpiece, The Magus?

• What is considered the most moving death monologue in cinematic history?


This book is a tribute to books, reading, and continuous learning. Over 100 brilliant and witty essays, filled with fascinating insights, inspiring parables, eloquent quotes from books and readings, precious life lessons, fascinating and rare English words, arcane literary facts. Alexander Atkins takes the reader on a captivating and inspiring guided tour through the world of books. Literature, words, phrases, wisdom, education, quotes, movies, music, and curiosities, to share fascinating fortuitous discoveries, after years of collecting, reading, and searching for books. 


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1. Mission common solid

In Sparta everything revolved around the militia. The goal was simple and clear: to win all wars. In the Agoge (war academy for young men) obedience, sacrifice, discipline, bravery, self-control and the best tactics to become a warrior were taught.

What is your common mission? Is there any discipline among your team members?


Become an engaged reader

How you can enrich your life by becoming a more skillful and engaged reader of literature We are what we read, according to Robert DiYanni. Reading may delight us or move us; we may read for instruction or inspiration. But more than this, in reading we discover ourselves. We gain access to the lives of others, explore the limitless possibilities of human existence, develop our understanding of the world around us, and find respite from the hectic demands of everyday life. 



Stepping back from the world

Stepping back from the world is an ancient human impulse. Over the last year we have had to retreat. But throughout history, we have chosen to.

We were doing it more and more, anyway. Mindfulness and meditation are all the rage. Wellness tourism, yoga breaks, meditation apps, and spiritual boot camps have been booming - entry-level to hardcore.

Retreat investigates this human obsession, mining neuroscience, psychology and history to reveal why we seek solitude, what we get out of it, and what is going on in our brains and bodies when we achieve it.