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Most people only started to attend meetups when they were looking for a job, but at that point it is almost too late. There are so many reasons to start early. To name a few:

  • Developing relationships takes a long time. Starting early means that you have connections who can vouch for you when looking for a job later
  • Talking about programming with strangers is a great way to prepare for interviews
  • You can learn new frameworks, tools, and learning resources from people who are ahead of you. This can influence your future learning plan.


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Why networking?

Interacting with people with same interests but from different professions, nationalities, and cultures gives you a broader scope of life. Networking is an opportunity to practice starting conversations, communicating clearly and learning about people around you. These interactio...

Top 7 Networking Tips

  1. Include the right people: anyone who can assist you with a career move
  2. Know what your career network can do for you
  3. Keep in touch - work your network: People are more willing to help when they know who you are
  4. Give to get - what can you do for ...

Networking Professionally

Networking Professionally

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