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How to Measure Your Goals

  • Whether you keep up with your goals in an app, on your computer or on a notepad, keep up with them.
  • Measure your progress by where you are compared to where you were.
  • When you look back, check for any patterns in your actions. There are certain things that allow us to complete more goals, while other things end up making us less productive. 
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    I strive not to be busy, but efficient.

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    Keep your long-term goals in mind

    Check your quarterly objectives and key results. 

    Based on where you want to be at the end of the quarter, check to see where you need to make progress and set tasks for the coming week.

    How to increase your chances of success

    How to increase your chances of success

    • Steady, slow progress. Speedy progress is difficult to keep on fueling. Instead, regularly add tasks into your calendar and keep up with it.
    • Focus on behaviours first, then goals. Steady behaviours will outperform the shiniest bite-sized goals.

    Tips To Help Your Motivation

    1. Get complete rest instead of watching TV or sitting up late at night on your computer.
    2. Find some stillness for a while in your busy day.
    3. Start small, not getting bogged down by the enormity of the task. Small actions create a compound effect.
    4. Involve your friends ...

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