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How to Effectively Measure Progress on Your Goals

How to Effectively Measure Progress on Your Goals
Small progress over time leads to huge results. Gradual increase + persistence = new habits. It's that simple. Small habits might not seem life-changing at first, but when you look back, you will see something amazing. You will see huge progress compounding over time. That's exactly how you measure your goals.


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Gradual increase + persistence = new habits

Small habits might not seem life-changing at first, but you will see huge progress compounding over time.

That’s exactly how you measure your goals, by looking backward. Goal progress...



How to Measure Your Goals

  • Whether you keep up with your goals in an app, on your computer or on a notepad, keep up with them.
  • Measure your progress by where you are compared to where you were.
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    Do a weekly recap

    • Get an overview of everything that happened in the week. 
    • Identify positives. Look at the things that you wanted to accomplish and did. 

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    Why Set Personal Goals

    • You are in charge. Personal goals force you to take responsibility for the actual efforts and progress.
    • You see the small steps leading to a big picture: big goals c...

    “Which? Why? What? How?” Technique

    ... for choosing personal goals. Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Ask yourself which aspect of your life you would like to change most.
    2. Think about why you want to change this.
    3. How will that change make you feel? Determine what exactly will make you feel this way.
    4. Ask yourself how you can make this happen and then make it your personal goal.

    The Life Balance Chart Technique

    • Draw a chart. Write down each of the various areas of your life (family, health, self-development, career, relationships) in a new column or line.
    • Assess your current happiness level in each of these categories by giving it a score from 1 to 10.
    • Think what will make you be fully satisfied with these areas. Write down your ideas – you will be able to transform them into personal plans.

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    Saving on Transport

    Cycle or walk to work to save money and get fitter. If you’re on the lazy side, invest in an electric bike to help you up those hills in the morning.

    Also, if you normally drive to wor...

    Saving On Electricity

    Turn your lights off when leaving the room. If you live with forgetful people, place little stickers by the switch to give people helpful reminders.

    You can also replace bulbs with energy-saving ones.

    Saving On Self-Care

    Simplify your beauty regime and ditch expensive creams. All your skin needs is a good diet, plenty of water and hydration.

    Also, brush your teeth twice a day and don’t forget to floss. Having teeth issues leads to expensive dental bills.

    Setting work goals

    • Set goals at regular intervals and give yourself enough time.
    • When you think you might not meet a goal, take a step back to asses the situation.
    • Be transparen...

    Goals should be aspirational

    If you fail to meet them, you probably set difficult ones for yourself.
    Goals should inspire you to stretch yourself. If you hit all of your goals every time, they might not be ambitious enough.