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Growth Hacking

  • Petit Hacks: Acquisition, retention, & revenue hacks used by companies.
  • Optimizely: One optimization platform for websites and mobile apps.
  • Hello Bar: Tool for A/B testing different CTAs & power words.
  • GrowthHackers: Unlocking growth. Together.


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Ambulance driver

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Behavioral Economics, Explained

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How to make rational decisions

The role of biases in decision-making

The impact of social norms on decision-making

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Website User Experience tool

  1. Sitespect - Used by large organizations. Robust tool for optimization of the website. These are people who are going to help improve performance, security of the website
  2. Mixpanel - It is a behavioiral analytics tool. It is for A/B testing. Measure th...

Virtual Options

Apart from finding the love of your life and casual dating, Dating Apps are being used by couples who are having trouble staying together in quarantine.

It may be an easy cheat for bored people looking for a thrill. Some may also be validating themselves by getting an ego boost.

The history of hello

The history of hello

  • What do you say after you pick up the phone? Most people say "hello," and there's a reason for that: phone companies taught people to say it in the 1800s. 
  • The word caught on, in part, because phone books instructed people to begin conversations by saying "hello" as a way to confirm ...

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