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  • It’s the best way to manage and organize your life (if you do it the right way)
  • You’ll easily break down your big goals into items, and items into tasks
  • You’ll set your priorities more easily
  • You can measure progress more easily (what gets done)
  • You’ll free your brain and get more mental bandwidth (memory improvement)
  • You won’t forget things
  • You’ll definitely manage your time better
  • To-do lists will boost your motivation, especially when crossing out each completed task


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Fixing small tasks

  • Fixing things is empowering. Our confidence increases or decreases based on our ability to make progress. 
  • Any progress builds momentum (and your mood): No matter how small the task is, crossing it off your to-do list gives you a boost of momentum and enhances your mood...

Use Lists

Use Lists

  • Lists help you compartmentalize your mental clutter.
  • Writing something on a to-do list frees up mental space, as you won’t have to remember it.
  • Having your responsibilities organized in one place, you can better choose what to do.
  • Make ...

Bennefits of checklists

Using checklists will improve your work and increase your productivity. No more wasted time trying to remember what to do next.

Start using checklists and you will have all these bonus side effects:

  • Organization. By making sure you’re not skippin...

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