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2 ways to approach onboarding

There are two main schools of thought for onboarding:

  1. Make it very brief and simple, then ask people to subscribe
  2. Make it longer while making it interactive and valuable


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Onboarding is often treated as a one or two-day interlude before we get to our “real” work. It’s focused on meeting a bunch of people, setting up our computer, walking through benefits, etc.

While these steps are important, this type of onboarding is generic and sh...

Not So Secret Formula

Not So Secret Formula

“Do good work and share it with people.”

Step one, “do good work,” is incredibly hard. There are no shortcuts. Make stuff every day. Know you’re going to suck for a while. Fail. Get better.

Step two, “share it with people,” was really hard up until about ten ...

A Cluttered Interface

While choice is nice to have, when there are too many, people get overwhelmed. Interfaces that are too cluttered will cause a headache more than anything. Showing tons of options to a user before they have gotten familiar with a product will potentially turn them off from delving into it any furt...

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