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[6] Have something to say

[6] Have something to say

“To have something to say,” Schopenhauer said, “by itself is virtually a sufficient condition for good style.” Share your ideas instead of worrying about the outcome of expression.


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Beliefs about worry

  • If I worry, I'll never have a bad surprise.
  • It's safer if I worry. We believe that the act of worrying itself somehow lowers the likelihood of a dreaded outcome. 
  • I show I care by worrying. We need to distinguish between caring about a situation and worry...

Say Thanks to Show Gratitude

Say Thanks to Show Gratitude

Thank You - an expression of gratitude used to show appreciation for something.

  • Part of Speech: Interjection
  • Sentence Example: Thank you for helping me on the committee.

Thank You - an act or expres...

Have something interesting to say always

Have something interesting to say always

It is not the outfit and hairs and accessories that need to be checked before heading to a party. You must stock up on latest news before leaving for the party. 

Actually not just for party, I would say before meeting anyone this should be the daily ritual.

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