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Key employees that quit

Key employees that quit

The pandemic has revealed that remote and hybrid teams can be very productive. One report found that 83% of employers said remote work has been successful.

But then the Great Resignation began. Statistics show that anywhere from 26% to 55% of U.S. employees plan to quit their jobs, meaning momentum can be lost on projects and productivity. Therefore, it is vital for companies to find ways to mitigate these issues.


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Build redundancy

It is necessary to build in cross-training and backup for each key role on the team. That way, you have one or two other people within the discipline that can step up to fill the position.

It's a good idea to have sessions where team members find out more about the roles of...


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Create a clear and comprehensive information trail

Capture enough information about why decisions have been made, the next steps, and who is accountable for them. Best practices include:

  • Determine the frequency of the meetings for effective information-sharing and schedule them.
  • Capture meeting notes, including...


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Perform triage if you need it

If you're leading a team and a key member is leaving, don't try to solve the issue by yourself. Instead, involve HR and a set of cross-functional peers. Look at what's required for the role and brainstorm about who could best fill the position. They may recommend someone you’ve n...


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Trust is an overlooked asset

Team members may keep information to themselves if they feel some threat in the organisational culture.

Organisations should work to establish a culture of trust to help employees feel they can share knowledge. Part of trust-building is giving employees a sense of ownership...


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Plan like it's going to happen

The chances are that you will lose a key employee at the worst possible time.

  • At the outset, consider how you're going to capture information, so it's widely available. When the loss happens, inform the entire team at the same time to limit rumours.


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Always be succession-planning

As you cross-train team members, ensure to keep your talent bench deep. Then, when a high-impact team member leaves, another candidate can be ready to overlap and replace them.

Consider a clear plan on what you want the transition to look like in terms of content knowledge ...


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“Efficiency is doing better that what is already being done.” Peter Drucker

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