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Highest Dividend Money Pays

Highest Dividend Money Pays

The highest form of wealth is ability to wake up every morning and say "I can do whatever I want today".

The ability to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, for as long as you want, is priceless. This can only be possible if you have money If you don't have may take a leave by you will not get full freedom of time. That's why money provide you freedom.



The Psychology of Money

by Morgan Housel


Save Money, Build Wealth
  • It's simple, but easy to overlook is that building wealth has little to do with your income or investment returns and lots to do with your savings wealth.
  • If two persons at same level and one of them is good investor and. Other one is not that good then also he can make it large if he spend less and saves bigger than other.
  • After a point when basic needs covered a person now spend more just for showing of is useless he can save that make a big fortune
  • Some people save for some goals like purchasing something but it's not important you can save just for savings sake



Everything Has Its Price Tag

Why do so many people who are willing to pay the price of cars, houses, food and vacations try so hard to avoid paying price of good investment?

The answer is simple: the price of investing success is not immediately obvious.Its not a price tag you can see, so when bill comes due it feel like fine not fee. That's why people not succeed in investing.

In order to succeed in investing start seeing the investment due or decline as fee not fine.



Market Is Full Of Surprise

Generally people make some estimation of markets by seeing the history. But there is always possibility of happening something new that is not expected at all and may be much more dangerous than that is estimated from history.

We can see the example of covid pandemic no one ever estimated that thing of this level can be happen but it happened. So the market is full of surprises, no one can predict it with shorty.


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  • Doing well with money has a little to do with how smart you are and a lot to do with how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people.
  • Every decision people make with money is justified by taking the information they have at the moment and pugging it into their unique mental model of how the world works.



The Psychology of Money

by Morgan Housel

Gamification Of Money Apps

It is 2021, and there is an app for everything. Now companies are trying new and innovative ways to hook millions to their app.

Many app makers, like those in FinTech(Financial Technology), are trying to boost the performance, engagement levels and ‘stickiness’ of the app by using gamification, where elements of video games are added to the app to make it feel thrilling and slightly addictive to the ‘player’.



Tips To Increase Motivation On Business
  • Productivity is what keeps businesses alive and incentives increases it. They might be an incentive in how your office culture is, or how you reward great work – but incentives that drive sales, outcomes and maximise effort will have a huge impact.
  • Well rewarded employers work harder and longer while having lower attrition, sickness and absence levels. They are engaged in transforming your business and more likely to innovate. Incentives, financial or not, are the best way to harness great intentions and to show consideration.
  • Nurture engagement and motivation. The latter can be influenced by factors like salary while the former is a function of pride related to work, level of responsibility, camaraderie, skills and values alignment with the businesses, and the company’s culture.