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To-Do Lists Destroy the Fun in Life

To-Do Lists Destroy the Fun in Life

TDL's honestly occupy our minds like a hostile army, stressing us out and unfinished tasks invade thoughts and leisure time.

Some studies and their conclusions:

  1. Thinking about what we “should” be doing, can kill the enjoyment of life’s important pleasures.
  2. Mothers and fathers in many Western nations spend significantly more time with their children than previous generations.
  3. Even though Americans have time to watch on average nearly five hours of television every day, they report feeling busier.

We've simply forgotten how wonderful it feels to have the peace of mind.


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Neuropsychology and Employees |Understanding passions and habits

I swear by To-Do Lists on my Post-Its, only to realize I plan more than I can execute. Keep it time-bound and task-oriented, rather than a list of checkboxes.

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To-do lists destroy the fun in life

A to-do list is a cruel and oppressive ruler. To-do lists occupy our minds, stress us out and drain enjoyment out of our lives.

Few people know what leisure time is supposed to feel like. Unfinished tasks invade our thoughts when we try to relax and sometimes keep us up at...

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