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So how do you break through the growth barrier?

This is why you are stuck: You cannot grow because you are optimized for the level you are at.

The only way to do it reliably is to use a systematic approach and involve the people who are going to be the future of the business. 



At this stage of growth, you begin to need more experienced staff to manage teams and bring in workflows and practices that they have seen work well elsewhere. In other words, you need more senior people.Except you can’t afford the really experienced ones yet. 

Up to the first million, you were training great people you worked well with to deliver what was in your head. Now, you need to hire people with expertise. They are expensive. Perhaps you need to do without a few junior staff. Or sacrifice your own salary. Or give away shares.

This is where it gets seriously frustrating. It’s not so much that you come unstuck, it’s the opposite. You grind to a halt. You stall. Your business just stops growing.


When your business is turning over around a million, you might have ten or a dozen people on your team. You’re all super-aware of what’s going on. You will work nights to get a big order out or prepare for a big pitch. You read each other’s minds and jump in to help. To some degree, you are all capable of doing each other’s jobs in a pinch.

North of this first million, and it starts to become important that you have specialists, and sometimes specialist teams. That means new management and new processes. Sometimes you will find there is an inner circle (the original team) and everyone else.


You may simply have hit the demand limit for your product or service, and you may need to redesign it to suit a broader audience.

This requires a big change in the way you do business — hiring, training, management, project management, quality assurance, account management and sales.



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Biggest Scaling Challenges
  • Scaling Shifts Your Team’s Focus: more customers means more bugs. And more bugs means less time for our team to work on everything else.
  • Scaling Is Expensive: as the number of customers you’re supporting rises, so do your costs.
  • Scaling Amplifies Everything: As you grow, the feedback that you get from our customers goes farther and farther. The network effect of having lots of happy customers is incredibly valuable, as it helps you reach more and more new customers. But that reach isn’t all roses. Just as it amplifies the good, scaling amplifies the bad.



Ways of Becoming a Business Machine:-

Good Business Ideas Are All Around You.Wondering how to come up with a business idea? Well, business ideas are all around you. Some come from a careful analysis of market trends and consumer needs; others come from serendipity. If you are interested in starting a business, but don't know what product or service you might sell, exploring these ways of coming up with a business idea will help you choose.



Asynchronous Communication

.. .is defined as working with tools that don’t demand an immediate response.

Remote work has its own set of challenges (like different time zones) and is filled with distractions. In order to keep productivity up within a working team while providing them the flexibility they need to take care of their families (and themselves), there is a need to increase the use of asynchronous communication.