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Be adventurous

The beauty of freelancing is that you can choose your path. To rise to the challenge:

  • Put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and what you can offer. 
  • Craft your role. This involves redefining what you stand for in a way that is meaningful to you, so don’t be afraid to make changes to your business model over time. 
  • Set ambitious targets. You need to consistently push yourself to ensure that your standards stay high, and you remain motivated. 

Build loyalty

To keep your clients returning:

  • Interact with your clients in a personable way. Don’t just focus on the results; build your relationships. Get to know your clients, their challenges, and what their goals are. 
  • Find out what other projects they might need help with and offer support. If you don’t hear of any follow-up opportunities during your initial stint, take initiative and tell your employer that you’re open to working on more projects in the future. 
  • Use your expertise to improve other parts of their business. If they don’t have anything that needs working on, suggest other areas that you could improve. 
  • Never over-promise and then under-deliver
  • Always get testimonials from your clients.

Know your worth

Know your worth

When starting out as a freelancer, it can be challenging to know where to price yourself based on your knowledge and your skills in the market. To work this out, we suggest you:

  • Find your niche. This is the value freelancers bring to many companies to help meet their needs. Once they’ve developed an area of expertise, they need to learn how to communicate their value, clearly and concisely. 
  • Learn the market. After all, there’s no fun in marketing a skill that nobody wants. 
  • Monetize your skills. It’s no good freelancing if you can’t make money. Turn your talents into products or services that people can buy. 
  • Tap into your confidence. Know that what you can offer is crucial and own it. Most

Hunt in packs

Although freelancing is largely a lonely road, the research found that the most successful freelancers (17 of the top 20 earners) are those who take advantage of the strength in numbers.

 This may be counterintuitive but going solo doesn’t necessarily mean you need to compete with others in your field. Cooperation with other freelancers is a strategic way to stay ahead. The advantages include group learning, as well as the ability to share market intelligence and upcoming opportunities. 

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