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8. Give yourself rewards

Motivation can flag with self-directed learning. Tiny rewards at periodic junctures can help improve focus. The best thing about these rewards is that you can set them up yourself


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10. Practice, practice, practice

Regular and deliberate practice helps you repair your weak points. Like our school tests, it fortifies what you are learning in your memory.

Tip: Teaching someone else is one of the best ways to practice your learning. 


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3. Set clear goals

3. Set clear goals

Goals are like a beacon and a timeline is the milestones you can check off when you begin your learning journey. Clear time bound goals also help you stay accountable. 

Tip: Think of your learning as a long term project with clear timelines and SMART goals.


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1.Start small

The very essence of a mini-habit is to start small. Break down the learning goal into the tiniest step possible. 

Tip: Browse the syllabus for a course and start with the smallest logical unit in it that takes just a few minutes of commitment. For example, watching a 3-6 mi...


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4. Find your ideal time

Establish a fixed time in your schedule. Mini habits take just a few minutes so it isn’t difficult to carve them out from a busy schedule.

Tip: Preferably do your learning first thing in the morning. The brain has a reservoir of energy and you won’t fall to the tyranny of ...


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2. Focus on one skill at a time

Taking on too many skills to master is a bit like multitasking. Repeated research on productivity has already found that doing too many things has a switching cost.

Tip: Start with a simpler skill as an experiment to test the power of mini habits.


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6. Use habit stacking

Behavioral science and proponents like B.J Fogg say one of the best ways to build a new habit is to identify a current habit you already do each day and then stack your new behavior on top. This is called habit stacking.

Tip: Taking an online course? Make it the start page...


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5. Remove distractions

Mini habits take up very little time so the risk of interruptions is also minimized. Still, set your boundaries. Remove distractions like mobile notifications and other demands on your time. 

Tip: Keep everything you need to learn with at hand. Reading a page is easier if ...


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9. Revise regularly

What we do not go back to we forget. The Forgetting Curve shows that you as a learner will forget an average of 90% percent of what you learn within the first month. 

So, it is critical to build a revision schedule into...


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7. Take advantage of microlearning

7. Take advantage of microlearning

Thanks to mobile phones, you can tap into microlearning videos and other tools to learn on the go. Every minute of downtime (for instance, while commuting) can be turned into an upskilling opportunity.


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