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What Game of Thrones 'The Long Night' can teach us about Entrepreneurship | Rubicon Centre

What Game of Thrones 'The Long Night' can teach us about Entrepreneurship | Rubicon Centre

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Strategise, Plan, Then Go

Strategise, Plan, Then Go

There were many months leading to the war at Winterfell. The time wan’t just spent talking. A whole strategy was developed for the entire warfare - the armies, the order of approach, weapons, location, formation, feeding and so much more.

Lesson - don’t just be in a haste to GO! Have a strategy and tactics to drive your vision. That way you’re not leaving your business success to chance.

Leadership Is Important. Lead Yourself, Then Othersi

Leadership Is Important. Lead Yourself, Then Othersi

Danny and Jon led the armies at the war. Prior to this, they were already dealing with internal and sensitive issues and still had to focus on the mission - to win the war.

There were times when both had to fly on their dragons and rain fire from above, but there were moments both found themselves on the ground fighting with swords.

Lesson - to lead anything successfully, you must first manage yourself, then lead others. Inspiring your team helps build a collective vision and teamwork.

Understand What You’re Up For, And Up Against

Understand What You’re Up For, And Up Against

Any battle, whether war or business is already lost when approached with complete ignorance and misunderstanding.

Should the armies from Winterfell and Dragonstone approach the army of the dead without knowing only fire or dragonglass can destroy the army of the dead, it was a lost battle right from the start.

Lesson - do your research, understand your market, know your customer. Use facts (data) and less assumptions in your approach to business or you may be wiped out quickly.

Value Team Effort And Contributions

Value Team Effort And Contributions

Everyone in Winterfell had an important part to play. From those gathering food prior to the war, to those making weapons from dragonglass, to actual war frontliners, it took everyone’s effort to win a successful war.

Let us not forget those like Sansa who could only encourage the weak, and of course, Mellisandre, the horrible witch everyone disliked - she actually ignited fire on the Dothraki army blades and gave them more hope.

Lesson - everyone in an organisation has value to add to the success of a company. Find out how they can value, and let them know how it makes a difference.

Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Don’t Give Up Too Soon

A lot of things will test you and try to break you in business. Many times, they are unforeseen.

During the War at Winterfell, a lot of unplanned events took place. The Dothraki army were wiped out in seconds, the Winterfell gates were breached early, the Night King raised the dead back to life, and it was looking impossible for anyone to protect Bran for much longer, the target of the Night King.

But you know what, they fought to the end and it made all the difference.

Lesson - don’t be quick to give up. Summon your courage and rise up to challenges. It makes you stronger too.

Plan For Disasters, No Business Is Risk-FREE

Plan For Disasters, No Business Is Risk-FREE

It would be unwise to assume you got it all covered. No! Business isn’t always predictable. Even some the biggest of reputable businesses have faced sudden business challenges, some of then wiped out of existence.

During the war at Winterfell, they completely missed a risk - if Khaleesi isn’t able to see their signals from afar, she couldn’t come riding down her dragon to light the trenches and protect Winterfell from the army of the dead.

Lesson - have a disaster recovery strategy and plans in place to keep your business in operation. Simulate scenarios and be prepared.

Acknowledge Losses, Celebrate Wins

Acknowledge Losses, Celebrate Wins

In the wake of your losses no matter how great, never also forget the importance of celebrating your wins too.

The war at Winterfell recorded a painful death count, many of the characters who were key players during the war and prior. And after their lives were honoured upon cremation, the celebration of life continued.

Lesson - make it a habit to acknowldge and celebrate your wins too. Celebrate your customers, your teams, your progress and your milestones. Let this further empower you to go even further in your business endeavours.

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Game of Thrones is more than a Book or TV Series, but a whole universe of lessons for warfare, strategy, business and life generally. In the story’s most historical war between the living and the dead, there are a few lessons that can also be taken into business. Here they are!