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Favorite Lines

Favorite Lines

Every book has some lines that gets etched into the minds of the ones reading it

Here are some of my favourites from the 5 am Club by Robin Sharma.


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Compromise for your dreams but never compromise on your dreams.

Being a better version of yourself to the one from previous day is how one achieves success and fulfillment. Mediocrity is common, Excellent is rare.

The idea is part of this collection:

The Psychology of Willpower

Learn more about motivationandinspiration with this collection

How to strengthen your willpower

How to overcome temptation and distractions

The role of motivation in willpower

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Every time I see headlines like How I read 200 books in 3 months, all I want to do is ask the writer if they remember the lessons from each one.

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2. Make a daily schedule and stick to it

2. Make a daily schedule and stick to it

Achievement rewards routine. 

As an extreme example, consider the early morning schedule of Apple CEO Tim Cook. He gets up 3:45 am day by day, guaranteeing that it permits him to traverse the 700 or so messages he gets every day, and gives his time to work out before he goes into the workpl...

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