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Process Is More Important

Process Is More Important

It takes time for things to grow. Think about Process and Document everything as you do. Share Documentations with your audience. They will relate with struggles behind the product.


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Computer Enthusiast. In search for exploring metaverse

Show you work is book which is truly amazing. I had fear about sharing ideas and things but this book give me a courage to put forward things i know and share it.

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Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

We're usually persuaded by people who make it clear they understand us, that they relate to our concerns. So seek out those opportunities for connection. Ask questions and really listen to the answers.

Think about this in everything you write. What does your audience really want t...

Trust The Process

It takes time for our minds to process the situation properly. Practice patience because you do not need all of the answers right at this instant. Like with any creative process, the first answers aren't usually the best ones.

Keep in mind that the right answers will arrive in due time.

Believe Your Life is Important

Believe Your Life is Important

Act with the utmost respect toward yourself. Your study habits, what you do with your spare time, what outside interests you have and many similar factors reveal what you think about yourself. As people observe your attitude and behavior, these observations will go a long way toward you gaining t...

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