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Listen To The Truth Tellers

Your truth tellers may be easy to identify, if not to accept. They may be employees far below the ranks of senior management, working on the front lines of competition and change. They may not be your employees at all. Longtime customers, venture capitalists, industry analysts, and science fiction writers may all be truth tellers.

Truth tellers are often eccentric, and their lucidity can easily be mistaken for arrogance and stubbornness. Consider such difficult personalities as Steve Jobs and other technology luminaries like Bill Gates, Alan Kay, and Mark Zuckerberg.


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Copywriter in advertising

In recent years a new—disquieting—form of disruptive innovation has emerged. It doesn’t follow the classic model, entering the market as a cheap substitute to a high-end product and then gradually increasing in quality and moving up the customer chain. Instead, the innovation beats incumbents on both price and quality right from the start and quickly sweeps through every customer segment. This kind of “big bang” disruption can devastate entire product lines virtually overnight

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Most creative people are self-taught, be it Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. They ‘think different’ and find that the standard, spoon-fed ways of learning are not helpful and may even be curbing their natural creativity.

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