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Top 5 must have Android apps for content creator in 2021

Top 5 must have Android apps for content creator in 2021

As a content creator, it is a constant battle and a challenge to give better content than the previous one possible. It could be through, video, audio, or articles.

As it is not always possible to carry around a laptop or iPad or a tablet everywhere. But, we can carry our phones everywhere. So! keeping that in mind I have collected some of the best apps that you must have as a content creator or maybe as a general user.




If you are a content creator then you will have to keep things organized and the difficult part is properly used of time. Many times, we get overwhelmed with the things we have to complete. There is a theory to this when you have too many goals every goal will compete for your time. It is like a ...

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. Don't worry! I won't talk about that theory here.

This app will help you manage your time better. Here is how it works- Work for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break and then work for anothe...

First of all, I want to thank Google for making this wonderful and very, very useful app. It is a great app because it lets you do many things like scanning a product, copying text from a book can also use it to translate to any language by scanning the text directly from the book or from a PC, ...

Want to make your photo stand out or want to make your picture look like a pro. No problem, I got a solution for you. And snapseed exactly helps you do that. It got really basic editing tools and trust me you can make your dull-looking picture into a great-looking picture

From cropping to d...

It is the best app + best website for any content creator and also for students as because you can create ebooks, diagrams, thumbnails, short videos, and the list goes on. is a gold mine for a content creator like us, where we can edit, create, download and then upload. 

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Our Food Senses Aren’t Accurate

Our brains are not reliable food sensors, and our taste buds are affected not just by the food that we put in our mouths, but a variety of electrical signals from our brain, body and all the other sense organs.




Always In A Hurry

  • We all want a bigger slice of life, not relishing what we are doing, but in a hurry to jump to the next thing.
  • Completing a task isn’t filled with contentment, but with a rush to grab something else or switch to a different task....




When we watch a horror movie or are on a roller coaster, we feel certain tingling sensations in our bodies, which is telling us to be cautious, warning and signalling any danger that may be around us.

Our bodies have a primary directive: To protect our life, and a person w...