The building blocks of a relationship

The building blocks of a relationship

The building blocks of any relationship rest on compatibility and chemistry. All relationships have a combination of these qualities to a more or lesser extent.

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Chemistry is a complex emotional or psychological interaction. It is a natural rhythm between two people that cannot be forced or created.

While some people are content with a relationship that is compatible, others feel an intense desire for that chemistry. Figure out what feels right to you in a relationship and strive for that.

Compatibility can be described as being together without conflict.

Two people can fit like a glove both conversationally and psychologically. For some, that connection alone can be enough to be happy and thrive.

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Compatibility vs Chemistry
Compatibility is a natural alignment of lifestyle choices and moral values between two people.
Chemistry portrays the emotional bond present when you’re with someone and usually come from opposite yet complementary qualities in people.

Compatibility and Chemistry in Relationships

  • You are having trouble getting through to your spouse; you talk about the same issue over and over again without coming to an agreement.
  • You seem unable to have a decent conversation without turning it into an argument.
  • You fear to bring up certain topics.
  • You do not talk meaningfully about anything anymore.

How to Improve Communication in Relationships and Increase Intimacy

It very often happens that we fall in love, while feeling uncontrollably attracted to, with individuals who end up breaking our hearts. Anthropologists found four personality types, as follows:

  • the explorer: whose main trait is the curiousity
  • the builder: who is defined by his need to manage
  • the director: who is extremely analytical and narrow-minded
  • the negotiator: who sees the big picture
    A factor of major importance, when falling in love with someone, is how we perceive our childhood. We all tend to search for persons who can heal us from a memory or a pain lived at some point in our life.

Why Strong Chemistry Doesn't Always Lead to a Strong Relationship - Tiny Buddha

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