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We Need To Talk About Money

Many of us have social taboos over money and are left confused when we have to cope with costly social plans with friends and loved ones.

Many people have money anxieties, and are money vigilant. Most of us do not feel comfortable saying no to friends who are making plans that require money, and bail out using excuses like not being well or not having any interest.

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How to Gracefully Turn Down Plans You Can’t Afford


Envy in Romantic Relationships

Differences in romantic relationships are inevitable. Any person involved in a relationship has experienced envy in one way or another, may it be for a short amount of time or chronically.

Envy is the experience of feeling undeservedly inferior and this feeling is particularly damaging as any shared experiences between the people involved will be impacted.

Navigating Feelings of Romantic Inferiority


Decluttering Your Friends

Some friendships are past their time, and the red flag to note is when a person isn’t replenished or energized in any way after spending time with a friend.

Another sign is when a life event or milestone (like a change in job location or marriage) drifts apart an old friendship. If you lose a favourite person, an alternative is to become your own favourite person.

Decluttering Friendships: When Is It Time to Let Go?


Familial Disconnection

Parents and their children aren't 100% attuned towards each other and that is a normal phenomenon. A study showed that even a healthy and securely attached family, the parents and their children, were only in sync 30% of the time. The remaining 70% shows that there were miscommunications and mismatches.

In addition to this, caregivers who meet all of their child's needs perfectly could impede the child's development.

Family Conflict Is Normal; It’s the Repair That Matters


Commitment, Love, and Romance

Good relationships take commitment and effort.

The challenge for couples is cultivating a mature and trusting love that is the key to a lasting relationship.

How to Have a Better Relationship - Well Guides


The Art Of Having True Friends

Friendship, which is an important class of relationships as it goes beyond family and relatives, is at its core about value.

A person could be willing to give us their time, money, resources, social benefits and energy if there is something in it for them. It can be prestige, attractiveness, status or other factors that are perceived valuable. This isn’t meant to be cold-hearted or mean, but is how we behave unconsciously.

The Evolutionary Origins of Friendship


The Need To Connect
  • We all have a biological need to connect, an ability and desire to share our emotions with those around us. This is known as Limbic Resonance.
  • Our connection with the other deeply impacts our emotional and physical health, as we synchronize with the other.

Resonance: How to Open Doors For Other People


Agile development in the home

In an agile system, ideas flow from the top down and from the bottom up. The centerpiece is the weekly meeting built around shared decision making, open communication, and adaptability. In the home, everyone gathers around the table, and then you ask three questions:

  • What worked well in our family this week?
  • What didn’t work well in our family this week?
  • What will we agree to work on this week?

The Agile Family Meeting


The new relationships norms

There are new trends in the intimate relationship landscape. We want to maintain unclear relationships - too afraid to be alone, but unwilling to fully engage in intimacy building.

This stable ambiguity inevitably creates an atmosphere where at least one person feels constant uncertainty, and neither person feels really appreciated or nurtured.

Relationship Accountability and the Rise of Ghosting


The current global epidemic has transformed relationships, dating, and sex. 

Lovers and family members are suffering aching separations as borders have closed. Weddings have been postponed and everyday choices, like whether to meet a potential suitor, have become matters of life and death.


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