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8. Shower.

Because it is, again, one less thing for you to do at night, and it helps you wake up and feel more energized even if you’re moping around and not wanting to go to work. I’ve tried being both a “night-shower-person” and a “morning-shower-person” before, and morning always wins. It is essentially the only way to truly wake me up and get me ready for the day, and I cannot stress how much worse I feel all day if I don’t get a chance to shower in the morning.


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Our Chronotype

Our various biochemical signals, daily lifestyle, and genetic inclinations develop a specific chronotype in us, that is basically our overall biological response to the outside world.

These chronotypes are categorized as: Morning, Day or Night. The person ...

Wake-up light

Wake-up light

“I could never get out of bed as early as I do, especially in the winter, without this thing. I’ve had it for years and it’s been a game changer for my morning efficiency.”

  • I’ve my own

Prioritize Tasks by Energy Level

It means scheduling your time according to your natural rhythms:

  • Do your most important work at the beginning of the day if you are a morning person.
  • Don't feel bad about sleeping in because you stayed up late at night to work if you are a night owl.

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