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Hacking Retention

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer. The main strategy of retaining customers is to provide a product or a service that is of high quality and that continuously addresses a need of theirs.

Retention has 3 phases:

  • The initial retention period: a new user becomes convinced that using a product or a service is beneficial to them
  • The medium retention period: the interest in a product novelty fades. The mission of the growth team is to make using the product a habit
  • The long-term retention. The role of growth teams is to ensure that the product keeps offering more value.


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Focus on new users and the initial experiences they have with your product. 

To create a great first impression:

  • Run experiments on user onboarding.
  • Personalise your sales process.
  • Incorporate feedback loops.

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When new customers begin using your product, they are not completely convinced until they start realising the value from it. Onboarding is not just about getting your customer familiar with the product.

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  • Cost-plus pricing: You make the product, add a fixed percentage on top of the costs, and sell it for the total.
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