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Top 7 TED Talks On Customer Success

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Top 7 TED Talks On Customer Success

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The experience economy

What we need at this point is to customize a service. When you customise a service you turn it into a memorable experience. So, we're shifting to an experience economy, where experiences are the predominant economic offering.

Experiences cannot be inauthentic, because it happens inside of us. Any authenticity is then becoming the new buying criteria for consumers.


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How to be authentic

When it comes to being what you say you are, companies can make the mistake of advertising what they're not. That is when you are perceived as fake.

To be authentic, provide places for people to experience who you are. For example, to know Starbucks, you have to go...


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From the agrarian to the industrial-based economy

In the agrarian economy, there were commodities - the things you grow or raise or pull out of the ground, basically vegetables, animals, minerals that you then sell on the open marketplace. It's about supply and availability.

But th...


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Rendering authenticity

No business can supply an authentic experience because all companies use machinery and are involved with money, making them inauthentic.

There are two dimensions to authenticity:

  • Be true to yourself, which is self-directed.
  • Be other-directed, which means ...


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The service-based economy

The antidote to commoditisation is customisation. The customisation of a good turned it into a service because it was delivered on demand for a particular person. So we moved from an industrial economy to a service-based economy. It's all about improving quality....


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"Money doesn't buy class." ~ Kiana Tom

We have moved from a service-based economy into an experience-based economy. Joseph Pine explains what consumers want in this new economy and how you can provide it to them.

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