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4. Doing things that go against your values

When we do things that go against our values, we are going against our truth. We are being inauthentic. In other words, we are being fake. We are not being true to ourselves. And when we aren’t being true to ourselves, we aren’t aligned with the higher good either, which totally lowers your vibration.




Athough alcohol might give the illusion that you feel good, it is just that, an illusion. Alcohol alters your mind and gives you an initial buzz that makes you feel great temporarily, but when it wears off, it leaves you feeling low on energy, unmotivated, irritable, and feeling like you need mor...

Making decisions or doing things out of fear(rather than trust and love) comparing yourself to others and what they have and how great they are, complaining or engaging in gossip and drama, judging other people or yourself, worrying about the future, choosing a career bas...

When we use bad language like cursing and expressing ourselves aggressively, we are emitting negative energy.  Just listen to someone when they are swearing or pay attention to yourself and notice how it sounds.  Kind of ugly and negative. Swearing is not necessary to get a point across, and it i...

such as browsing social media or the internet for no real purpose, doing things that don’t make you feel happy and alive, watching commercials, reality TV shows, and other mindless programs, working a job that you hate, playing violent video games, watching YouTube videos just to kill time, read...

Any sort of hurtful, selfish and unconscious behavior is low vibe. When you understand that life is interconnected and that one thing affects another (the law of cause and effect), then you really don’t treat your environment, other people or yourself badly because you get that e

Negativity includes having a bad attitude, a demeaning tone, looking at the worst case scenario all of the time, assuming the worst about people, thinking negative thoughts, being closed-minded, having negative beliefs, and dealing with other people's toxic energy or being in toxic environments. ...

Positive is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. However, sometimes we do things, without realizing that we do them, that actually lowers our vibration and drains our energy.

Ultimately, TV is mind control and is a form of conditioning. There are lots of subliminal messages on TV that program us to believe certain things about ourselves and life as a whole that are far from the truth. Even if you think you are watching an innocent film, a romantic comedy, or a lighthe...

Chemically enhanced, genetically modified, and highly processed foods and animal products.

Addictions are basically an attachment to some outside source or activity to fill some inner void or emptiness. Some of these addictions are so subtle though that you probably don’t even realize how active they are in your life, and you certainly aren’t aware of the fact that you rely on them for...

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