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How To Be Good at Parties

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How To Be Good at Parties

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Rubberneck The Room

When you are going to enter into any gathering, any party or elsewhere before entering into the room stop first at the doorway survey the room and its energy level i.e., whether it is dull or energetic by looking at what people are doing like who is talking to whom or doing what activities. Then,enter into the room and take decisions afterward otherwise you may do such things that protray bad image.


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Name shower

When you are talking to someone on phone it becomes hard to bring their attention as you cant use your gestures and facial expression. You can use their name while talking as this will bring his attention back in conversation as for anybody their name is the most pleasing...


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Never the naked thank you

Whenever you say thank you to anyone ,don't say thank you alone state the reason of your thankyou like thank you for coming ,thank you for waiting ,thank you for being so understand. This way of gratifing someone is more impactful.


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Bluffing for bargain

Whenever you are going to do a deal of contract , buying or selling something learn some insider term of that market as this will make you able to bargain well and get a good sort of benefit from it.


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Baring their hot button

Before going to meet with say doctor, engineer,artist,etc,to have a great and impactful conversation get some buring issue of that industry to use it as fodder for conversation this will have a great impact on them and will form rapport.


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Little Strokes

Little Strokes

Little strokes of genuine compliments like ,nice job, well done,not bad ,you lok great,etc are going to impact others a lot as everyone likes to be noticed.


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Scramble Therapy

we always feel out of words while talking to anybody.This therapy can help to deal with it . In this therapy on every sunday you decide to do activities that you haven't done till now like playing chess, tennis, travel vlogging . This will give you enough jargons to talk with anybody without sho...


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