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We learn when we believe that we don't know. We don't learn when we believe that we know, leading to a barrier that holds us back from the greater truth. Our belief of knowing it all, narrows our way to clarity; the knowledge and wisdom that is left untouched.

One mouth, two ears. Use it wisely. Those who speak later and cling to observation, shall grasp the knowledge, seen by few. Details lead to questions, questions lead to treasures. It's like opening knots of chains that conceal invaluable wisdom.

"Today, I have more questions than answers", understanding that there is more to the unknown...


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I like to explore various topics such as - psychology, personal development, health, productivity, etc, and I write on these often.

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Don’ts Of Introspection

  • Don’t obsess: More thinking about yourself won't automatically lead to deeper knowledge.
  • Don't ask the wrong questions: When we ask why questions, our brain points toward the most obvious answer. We usually land on the one that confirms our pre-existing beliefs.

What can you do to build a growth mindset?

  • Believe that your efforts matter. Rather than thinking their abilities are fixed or stuck, people who have a growth mindset believe that effort and hard work can lead to meaningful growth.
  • Learn new skills. When faced with a challenge, they look for ...

Don't Make Assumptions

  • Ask for clarification when in doubt.
  • Be clear in your communication.
  • Avoid misunderstandings by being open and honest.
  • Be open to hearing the other person's point of view.
  • Avoid mind reading and projecting your own thoughts and feelings onto others.
  • ...

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